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  • The Gathering

    The burgundy minivan bisected acres of lush farmland and robust forestry as Zane wondered if he would be accepted by Tonia’s inner circle. It was ten o’clock in the morning on the twelfth of May. Zane, with Tonia at his … Continue reading →

  • Postcard From the Edge

    “What do you want for Christmas dad,” Aiden asked with a newly minted sense of maturity? It was the first time Aiden had asked the question, or at least it was the first time he could remember. “Perhaps he asks … Continue reading →

  • Semper fidelis: conclusion

    The Sergeant was nowhere to be found because he was out on a mission to secure the morning’s donuts. Barring a few drunken stragglers, Diedre had Zane all to herself!  Zane returned from the restroom where he had just finished … Continue reading →