For John: conclusion


The three men were sitting next to each other outside of John’s front stoop; directly underneath the sign that read, “ROAD KING!” The old homestead looked the same, despite the fact that it was superimposed onto 40 acres of lush meadows and robust forestry. Separating the meadows from the tree line was a lovely stream adorned by tall sunflowers that swayed in the breeze alongside of some soothing banks. The front stoop overlooked a sprawling front lawn that covered at least three acres. There were no fences, and Maggie was free to meander the entire countryside without the burden of a leash. 

By this time John’s folding chair was replaced by an old ratty sofa, that the eager duo found for free alongside of a random curb. They were on their way to the Chevron to buy cigarettes when they came upon the abandoned couch!  Zane, who was riding shotgun, eagerly jumped out of John’s Toyota pick-up as if to claim his prize. “I can’t believe our good luck,” Zane said! In all actuality he could believe the good luck. John was the slowpoke of the outfit, and it took him a little while longer to exit the truck. Upon inspection he said, “Wow, Maggie is gonna LOVE this!” The best friends both grabbed an end and tossed the grateful sofa into the bed of the burgundy Toyota. John began to hum a happy tune as he positioned himself behind the wheel. With all of the enthusiasm of a joyful pup, Zane eagerly called out “Shot-Gun!” They drove as fast as the Toyota could go, because there isn’t any traffic in John’s new Kingdom. They arrived at the store, where they picked up five pounds of beef jerky and a couple of cartons of Lucky-Strikes!

The happy pair returned home where the family was waiting. There would be a special meal prepared that very evening in John’s honor. All meals are special in John’s private heaven; but somehow it never gets old. Zane and John backed into the driveway where Aiden stood vigil. “Where did you get that,” he asked with an innocent curiosity? “WE GOT IT FROM OFF OF THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!” John shouted with enthusiastic glee!  Without hesitation, the three men unloaded the couch! They had to jettison the folding chairs and slide the refrigerator three feet to the left in order to accommodate the large piece of furniture. After they were satisfied with the arrangements, John said, “Let’s see if it will fit all three of us!” Aiden immediately took the bait and plopped down in the center while his Dad and John sat one abreast. The view was heavenly.  Maggie and Elise could be seen in the far distance of the sprawling front lawn. They were frolicking and playing and rolling in the clover while a lazy kite danced effortlessly in the partly cloudy sky that resided over the crystal-clear babbling brook. John sat there with his friends while silently thanking his lucky stars! “Would you like an RC Cola, John,” asked a stealthy voice from beyond the archway that led to the Shimek’s front door? It was Renee and she had prepared a silver tray which supported three glass tumblers filled with freshly crushed ice.  As usual, John was pleasantly surprised by the constant stream of flowing kindness.  “Aw Shucks,” he said! It was John’s way of saying thank you.

John was a good man.

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