Into the Darkness

My wife is a dark beautiful healer. Renee knows of a place where mystical creatures frolic and dance in the moonlit shadows. She is the kindest, most gentle woman I have ever known. There is boundless compassion and selflessness in her heart. She refers to herself as a dark creature because she is of the night. She is a living Goddess in biological form, and it’s measurable. She is natural muse. She is both human and eternal meaning she has an intimate grasp of her personal Divinity. You would not have to take my word for it, everyone who really knows her agrees. She combines mystical wisdom with common sense. She is a gifted healer with a natural ability to reflect our emotions. She has a knack for revealing the love that lies dormant within every creature. As a result, my wife coaxes out beauty in every person she meets.

Ironically, most people tend to associate darkness with evil. I define evil as the act of inflicting intentional harm. My wife explained to me (as I came to grips with her true essence) that if you approach darkness assuming it’s evil, then you’ll be rewarded with fear. On the other hand, if you hold kindness in your heart, you will find it returned three-fold. She points out that, “Darkness only gives you what you ask of it.”

My wife is a healer and I’ll use myself as an example. I can recall a time when I was lost. I am a fire creature, and as such, I loathed the darkness! I was conditioned into believing that darkness was a representation of evil and nothing more. My wife intuitively asked me to join her in the calm darkness, but I vehemently refused. It was an unspoken invitation at first because I was so volatile. I have Bipolar Disorder and I was burning too bright! Upon realizing that She represents Darkness, I conjured the souls of legions in a kneejerk attempt to vanquish the perceived threat. In my mind it was incumbent upon me to rid the world of suffering. Metaphysically speaking, I attempted to destroy her because I incorrectly associated darkness with terror. My wife stood firm against the brunt of my onslaught, as I engaged in a one-man crusade to eradicate evil. I thought darkness was to be destroyed at all costs, but I failed to realize that it was me who perpetuated the carnage. I was the evil one in this equation. My wife, in her darkness, stood firm as she silently gave my reflection back to me. She explained that I unwittingly gave my power away by acting so foolish. “I don’t want your power.” She calmly told me. Eventually I came to know her as the darkness while simultaneously coming to grips with my own light. She taught me how to see her by showing me how to see myself.

Since then, I have learned to co-exist. Light cannot exist without the darkness, and there can be no darkness without a contrasting light. These are things I have learned from my wife. Today I realize safety exists in darkness because our days are spent in quiet solitude as we contemplate all of existence. I would not be the man I am today without my beautiful dark creature. Renee is my love and inspiration. She is the ultimate healer. She represents the beckoning hope flower that resides at the bottom of Pandora’s Box!

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